organic01The knowledge and experience of our experts has been woven into production of natural food. Each product is original by its taste, composition and design. Production of stewed fruit, marmalades, jams and fruit spreadings is based on hot fruit processing. This method is also used to produce salads-pickled vegetables in sour-salty brine and aivar. The method of cold filtering of vegetables and fruits is used to produce beet, apple, tomato and grape juices without water and sugar additions. Adding of a balm apple juice to 100% natural pulp is used in production of completely natural peach, strawberry, apricot, sour cherry and raspberry juices. The selection itself points to the fact that the team of experts made a careful decision to use in production fruit and vegetable varieties with primarily healing properties. That is why the production of the whole production programme is carried out without any chemical means, namely without preserving agents. The only and exclusive protection is carried out via pasteurisation of products.


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